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The Right's Outrage

Oh, how the Right squeals. Talk about a bad month. ESPN dumps Rush; Arnold is a serial women groper, but still gets the voter; Rush is in drug rehab and under a federal drug investigation; and to add to the Wing’s Woes, no weapons of mass destruction are found in Iraq. How are the Bush Rightists going to pick up the broken pieces of their lives and carry on? Oh, dear! Posted 10/21/03

What To Do with the Maverick, Dean? Schundlerize Him

The candidate was feared by the party establishment, said the establishment, because he was "too extreme," "too far out" from "the mainstream," and would not, could not, win the votes of the suburban swing voters so highly prized by those who make political calculations. His brash, blunt, say-what-I-mean-not-what-my-strategists-tell-me-to-say style of politicking made him appear reckless, they argued.

Howard Dean? Hardly. Try Bret Schundler, whose 2001 campaign for Governor of New Jersey I managed to an upset win in the primary and a tough loss in the general election.

The Presidential Race: It's Bush's to Lose

Without a primary challenge to worry about, the President's re-election campaign is in great shape. Posted 1/12/04

The Governors's Races: It's a GOP Year

Today It Sucks To Be Terry McAuliffe. So as the year began, all looked well for Democrats. In Kentucky, their strongest candidate was an aggressive, corruption-busting Attorney General with a magical family name (his grandfather and namesake had served twice as Governor, once as U.S. Senator, and, just for good measure, as Commissioner of Major League Baseball). In Mississippi, the incumbent Democrat Governor had good approval ratings. And in Louisiana, Republicans appeared to be in disarray, with as many as seven serious candidates making plans to run for the open seat, while Democrats looked to be in good shape, with just two or maybe three serious candidates planning to compete in the all-party jungle primary. But something funny happened on the way to the elections. A year that should have ended well for Democrats went south fast.

Posted 11/05/04

Oops Wrong Despot

With the recent reports of the spread of nuclear technology, the United States should consider if it is Pakistan, and not Iraq or Afghanistan, that poses the gravest threat to its security. Posted 1/16/04

No Ace in the Hole

Far from being a moment of pride and accomplishment, the capture of the pathetic Saddam Hussein only further underscores the former Iraqi strongmans inpotence and insignificance on the global stage. Posted 12/15/04

Fortunate Sons

The 40th anniversary of the death of JFK provides an opportunity to compare and contrast two presidents who came from the world of politically connected privilege. Posted 11-22-03

Rush to the Exit

The recent controversy over Rush Limbaugh's comments on ESPN became a firestorm because he hit our sorest national nerve, and did so with his customary doltishness that so offends many of us.
Posted 10-03-03

Pumping Ambition:
There may be less to Arnold than meets the eye

With California in a horrific fiscal mess is the former Mr. Universe and action movie star the right person at the right time to clean it up? Has he studied the problems and come up the the solutions? Or is there another reason he wants to be governor?
Posted 08-20-03