Lieberman Quits Presidential Race

Senator Joe Lieberman -- the Dems' Vice Presidential nominee in the 2000 elections -- will quit the race for the Democratic nomination. An announcement is planned for later this evening. Read Ron Fournier's report for The Associated Press. (9:02 pm)

Kerry Takes Missouri, Delaware --
Clark and Edwards Fight For Top OK spot,
Lieberman May Be Next To Drop Out

As results continue to roll in across the country from today's primaries, CNN is projecting John Kerry the winner in both Delaware and Missouri, and results in Oklahoma are producing a dogfight for the top spot between John Edwards and Gen. Wesley Clark. Meanwhile, Sen. Joe Lieberman, who had been counting on a victory in Delaware to boost his flagging effort, is now scheduled to meet tonight with top advisors at his HQ in Rosslyn, Virginia. Read the latest from (8:37 pm)

Edwards Wins South Carolina Primary

The first results from the seven states holding primaries and caucuses across the country today are in, and CNN is projecting Senator John Edwards the winner of the South Carolina primary. Edwards' camp considered South Carolina a must-win if he was to go on pursuing the Democratic presidential nomination, and to slow the momentum John Kerry picked up from back-to-back wins in Iowa and New Hampshire. Read the latest from (7:03 pm)


Maria Shriver Quits NBC News Post
Opts For CA First Lady Duties Instead

Guv Schwarzengger's wife, Maria Shriver, resigned from NBC News today, saying she could not juggle a journalism job with her duties in Sacramento, though she says will continue to work on some special programs. Read the Associated Press report and read Gary Delsohn in The Sacramento Bee.

Tuesday, February 3

CNN/USA Today/Gallup Poll:
Kerry and Edwards Lead Bush

The latest Gallup Poll -- released on Monday -- shows both Sen. John Kerry and Sen. John Edwards lead President Bush in head-to-head matchups for the general election. Kerry bested Bush by 7 points (53% for Kerry, 46% for Bush) and Edwards by a slim 1 point (49% for Edwards, 48% for Bush). In addition, Gen. Wesley Clark emerged as a strong opponent, trailing Bush by only 3 points (Bush 50%, Clark 47%). Bush's approval rating continued its downward momentum, for the first time dipping below 50 percent and showing an 11-point decline since the December capture of Saddam Hussein. Click here to read the story about the poll results.

Monday, February 2

The Day Before His Biggest Possible Primary Day,
Kerry Finds A Not-So-Flattering
Newsweek Article Hits The Stands

The Feb. 9 issue of Newsweek hit the stands today with an article by Michael Isikoff that re-examines an old story about John Kerry's 1996 fundraising effort -- which crossed paths with Johnny Chung and a lieutenant colonel in China's People's Liberation Army who was also vice president of a Chinese-government-owned aerospace firm. It's the kind of old news that just might keep John Kerry from the clean sweep he seeks in the 7 states that vote tomorrow. Click here to read this week's Newsweek article.

Sunday, February 1

Times Poll: KerryLeads In Most Feb. 3 States --
Edwards Grips South Carolina, Dean Keeps Sliding

The latest Los Angeles Times/CNN poll shows John Kerry with double-digit leads in Missouri and Arizona -- two important states where voters will go to the polls on Tuesday. John Edwards holds the lead in South Carolina while, according to an MSNBC/Reuters/Zogby poll, Gen. Wesley Clark holds a narrow lead in Oklahoma. The Times poll gives no hope to Howard Dean for a Tuesday turnaround, and shows that Joe Lieberman "isn't a factor in any of the states polled by the Times." Early strategy from Camp Lieberman was centered around Feb. 3 victories in Arizona, Oklahoma and Delaware. Read Ron Brownstein in The Los Angeles Times, and click here to read analysis from Times polling director Susan Pinkus.

Newsweek Poll: Bush Approval Slips To All-time Low;
Kerry Could Win in November

President Bush's popularity rating hit an all-time low of 49 percent in the latest Newsweek poll, which found that Senator John Kerry could oust Bush in November by taking 48 percent of the vote to Bush's 46 percent. Those general election match-up numbers are within the poll's 3-point margin of error, putting Bush and Kerry in a statistical dead-heat. Read The Associated Press report on the Newsweek Poll.

This Story Is Just Fantastic!

There's no question about it -- that's what Guv Schwarzenegger said while reading today's Los Angeles Times piece about his use of his favorite word. You, too, should be reading Joe Mathews in the Los Angeles Times. It's fantastic!

Dems Fired Up For Feb. 3 Voting

There's wall to wall coverage today of the upcoming Dem primary voting in Missouri, Arizona, South Carolina, Oklahoma, Delaware, New Mexico and North Dakota, but these (in addition to The Times poll, above) are the must-reads: Dan Balz in The Washington Post, and Marjorie Williams in The Washington Post; Todd Purdum and David Halbfinger in The New York Times, and Jodi Wilgoren and Jim Rutenberg in The New York Times; and Ron Fournier's report for The Associated Press.

Saturday, January 31

Boxer banks $5 million for campaign

The campaign of U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer sits on $5 million (that's cash-on-hand) heading into 2004, according to end of year reports filed with the Federal Election Commission today. None of her GOP rivals even came close to Boxer's total, as former U.S. Treasurer Rosario Marin reported $272,706, former Los Altos Hills Mayor Toni Casey reported $354,030, and former Assemblyman Howard Kaloogian reported $10,534. Read the Associated Press report.

TV Ad Moves On to CNN

After having their TV ad rejected by CBS for airtime during tomorrow's Super Bowl, has found CNN more than willing to sell them some time slots on Sunday. Read George Raine in The San Francisco Chronicle.

Friday, January 30

Dems Debate in SC Reflects A Whole New Ball Game

With the Democratic presidential nominating contest moving on from the Midwest and Northeast US, the candidates debate in South Carolina provided more evidence of John Kerry's new frontrunner status -- and saw Howard Dean slip comfortably into the role of underdog. Read Katharine Seelye and David Halbfinger in The New York Times.

Dean Fundraising Drops Off

After second place showings in both Iowa and New Hampshire, Howard Dean's record-breaking fundraising efforts have fallen so dramatically that his campaign is now withholding staff salaries and has decided not to run ads in any of the states holding primaries on February 3. Read Sharon Theimer's report for The Associated Press.

Thursday, January 29

Dean Shakes Up Campaign Team--
Joe Trippi's Out, Roy Neel's On Deck

Dean for America campaign manager Joe Trippi -- the man credited with taking Howard Dean from unknown also-ran to the front of the Democratic presidential pack through an unprecedented internet-powered grassroots effort -- was replaced by long-time Al Gore aide Roy Neel yesterday in an effort to stabilize Dean's faltering campaign. Read Nedra Pickler's report for The Associated Press.

Wednesday, January 28

Judge Slams Fair Political Practices Commission

For the second time in just four months, a Sacramento judge this week labeled as an ``absurdity'' the way California's campaign watchdogs have interpreted state law, finding in both cases that the Fair Political Practices Commission wrongly opened loopholes allowing candidates to avoid limits on political fundraising. The two cases -- one that let Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante duck campaign contribution limits and the other that allowed Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to ignore a cap on how much he could lend his campaign -- point to what critics say is commissioners' deference to the very politicians they're supposed to police. Read Barry Witt in The San Jose Mercury News.

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